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An innovation campus designed to support Cheltenham’s growing tech community

Factory, in partnership with HBD, has been selected as ‘preferred bidder’ to deliver Cheltenham’s iconic Golden Valley project, on the doorstep of the infamous GCHQ. To kickstart the development the group has announced its ambitions to cluster an exciting mix of local and international cyber and technology companies into one space – Factory Cheltenham.


Factory Cheltenham is a joint venture between Factory, HBD and the Cheltenham Borough Council. The innovation campus seeks to create a nexus between large and small companies, researchers, government and academia in an effort to advance innovation and local job growth. 

Located at the entrance of the Golden Valley Development, Factory Cheltenham will be the first building delivered as part of the ambitious project. And serving as a symbol for the ambitions of the wider district, Factory Cheltenham seeks to push the boundaries in terms of utilizing smart technology, as well as sustainable methods of construction and materials.

In an effort to ensure that the advantages created by the building spill over into nearby neighborhoods, Cheltenham, and the wider region, the team is working hand-in-hand with various local stakeholders to ensure that a diverse set of needs are met and accounted for.

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