We bring people together

Community extends beyond our campus walls.

Factory has both a local and global focus on creating  impact in the wider community. While most companies define“community” as the group existing within their walls, we look beyond to greater society and our work strives to create impact within it.  

At the local level our team works closely with cities and neighborhoods to develop welcoming, inclusive locations that benefit local communities long-term.

Too often, neighborhood demands are not met by traditional real estate companies. Our team collaborates closely with local stakeholders to ensure their participation in our site development and that local needs are met.

Through diverse programs and our public spaces, we activate our sites and integrate startup founders, tech employees and creatives on campus with the wider local community. Our campuses serve as open spaces for the public, rather than independent silos. 

At the international level, our team has created a unique set of events, programs and series that look to benefit the greater social, political and environmental scenes across Europe.

We create dialogue around much needed topics that need to be discussed, to better the community we work within and work for.

Trusted partners supporting the community