The Factory model

Flexible office space for fast growing technology companies.

Factory develops and operates offices for fast growing startups and technology companies. Our model focuses on clustering successful startups, international tech giants and young entrepreneurs in sizable office complexes to facilitate exchange, shared knowledge and provide the framework for serendipity to take place.

The Factory concept originated in Berlin in early 2012 as a response to the dire need for flexible contracts for office space from technology startups, doubling in size sometimes inside 12 months. Understanding the specific growth trends and needs for tech-focused firms, our spaces and rental contracts are designed to support the individual phases of their development.

Beyond well designed, flexible office space, Factory’s cluster model creates proximity and allows like-minded companies to network, host events together and ultimately build meaningful partnerships and relationships with one another. The environment we strive for on our campuses is open and collaborative – where all parties are supporting each other along their growth trajectory.

We have defined six elements at the core of the Factory model: Community, Technology, Events, Partnerships, Communication and Space.

While it is intrinsic for the startup community to be open and share with one another, often other actors within society have difficulty in finding an inroad. Factory offers access by the established industry, academia and politicians through a physical manifestation of a city’s technology community.

Read more about our model and approach in our Playbook.

Example tenants

Previous and current companies who have grown with us


We published pur strategy so others can build similar spaces for startup communities Read more